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Today we are introducing WeSEE:Search toolbar, designed to help you find relevant information as quickly and easily as possible.

The toolbar enables to run search queries (text or URL) directly from your browser. Just type in the query or paste the image URL and hit ‘Search’ button to initiate the search.

Type in text query or insert the URL of the image to start the search right from your browser

The Toolbar is available for Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. To check out more tools from WeSEE:Search, see our Downloads page.

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We are glad to share with you different opinions from the Internet about our search engine. Hope you will find interesting points.

10 Fantastic Visual Search Engines for Adventurous Internet Users

WeSEE was designed with simplicity in mind. Although it is still in its beta version, this web-based search engine looks very promising. What I appreciate most about it is the fact that it is super fast, and it takes pictures from sites like Pinterest. This means that the images displayed are more fashionable and related to the latest trends. The minimalistic interface, navigability and beautiful results will definitely attract many users.


Top 6 Visual Search Engines For Finding The Image You Want

WeSEE offers a much cleaner version of typical image search, and it’s somewhat designed for those who are fashionable and paying attention to the latest trends. By pulling images from various sources (including Pinterest!) the app offers a nice selection of images using a very minimalistic interface. Offering both reverse image and keyword search functions, WeSEE  is a good asset to have in the world of visual search engines.



This search engine was exactly what I was looking for since it allows users to search social media for content visually (images), textually, and with a text/image hybrid form called ‘hybrid search’.

WeSEE helps you find visual content that trends on social networks with an algorithm that understands and identifies visual content; this means that images that were shared publicly can now be found even if their owners never created a description for them or bothered tagging them. To do that, the engine identifies shapes, colors, and context.


Social MediaExaminer recommends WeSEE:Search as ‘Search Engine to Find the Perfect Image’

26 Tips to Create a Strong Social Media Content Strategy


TechCrunch compares WeSEE with Google

Both smaller players like WeSEE and those slightly bigger like Google in the visual search space, and those who are also intent on disrupting the world of stock photos.


Phil Bradley about WeSEE:Search

Simply upload an image, and WeSEE will try and find similar results for you. Reasonably quick and easy to use. Most of the images that it finds so far come from Pinterest and a few other sites, so it’s a bit limited, but hopefully it’ll improve.


Startupnoise about WeSEE:Search

WeSEE:Search is leading the next generation of search technology – Hybrid Search. WeSEE:Search is a groundbreaking search technology that enables web and mobile internet users to retrieve the most relevant results possible every time they submit a search.


Publications in different languages

5 excelentes buscadores de imágenes a partir de imágenes (reverse image search)


WeSEE – sprytne wyszukiwanie obrazów


WeSEE:Search — социальная поисковая система


Поиск изображения в WeSEE


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At WeSEE we tend to make social search a valuable resource of information for users of different interests.  Therefore, we diversify the content by indexing websites of various focus, for example, those ones for men, such as gentlemint.com.

Today we made available another popular website, dedicated to male interests, such as girls, cars and gadgets – tapiture.com.

Tapiture.com is one of the fastest growing dude-oriented networks on the Web, created for collecting and sharing stuff, and offering the ability to buy pretty inexpensive items online.

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Now we have launched the new version of WeSEE:Search. We started to index gentlemint.com, added textual suggestions and the opportunity to share the content on Twitter directly from search results.

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HootSuite users now have the ability to search across top image sharing networks via the WeSEE app in HootSuite.

 WeSEE:Search application is available for free in the HootSuite App Directory and allows users to discover visual content on Pinterest, Cinemagram, TheFancy and Weheartit.  New social networks will be added as soon they appear in WeSEE.

As a HootSuite user, you can install the WeSEE:Search app directly into your dashboard. Once installed, the app adds an additional stream to your dashboard that lets you search for visual content by keyword, user, category or by social network.

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We have just launched the new interface update to allow you bringing best content from WeSEE:Search to your friends.

If you open any pop-up to see a bigger image among found results, you would see share buttons. Any such button posts, shares and pins the image to your social networking accounts. So, you can share pictures you found via WeSEE.com and liked with followers.

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Today we are pleased to announce the release of the latest WeSEE:Search update.

The main emphasis of this update is new interface, redesigned to be more usable and intuitive.

We have created an absolutely new search bar, which at first sight may seem so familiar to many users. However, this is a convenient tool, which will simplify your search experience.

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At WeSEE we are striving to make social search available to more users. With the update, which is rolling out today, we are expanding the number of languages, which may be used for performing search by text.

We started indexing pinme.ru – popular Russian social networking service, which allows creating and sharing collections of beautiful content with friends. From now, along with English and some other European languages, users may also search in Russian.

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WeSEE Ltd has released a Firefox add-on, which allows rendering searches directly from the search box in the upper right corner of the browser:

To install it go https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/ and type in ‘WeSEE:Search’ into the search bar:

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WeSEE keeps crawling the Web and expanding its index of social networking websites. The search engine has already covered the content of well-known market leaders, such as Pinterest, Fancy and the new animation sharing Cinemagr.am.

At the same time, there are social services of the similar concept, growing very fast and steady, which have been also indexed and added to the Search.

One of them is Weheartit.com – an extremely popular bookmarking network with extensive bank of images, focused much more on style and fashion.

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